My Guitar

When I was in high school my dad bought me my first guitar. Actually, it was my only guitar! I don’t count the time a buddy lent me his acoustic for a few months.

High school seems like a good time to get a guitar. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with learning the guitar if one is in their 30’s or 40’s, or later. There really isn’t much wrong with one learning guitar at 10 years old either. High school, or even Middle School, just seems like a right time to own one.

My first guitar was an electric one. I believe it was a Fender, a popular brand at the time. The price was low and was under $100. There’s an air of coolness to having one. At least that’s how it is in high school where appearing “cool” is part of the goal for many people.

My Guitar

When people visited my house they always wanted to try it. Sure! I was more than happy to share one of my possessions. After all, I would probably have asked the same if my friends had one.

“Turn that down!” Yes, there are certain side effects for other household members if there is an electric guitar around, get more news about electric guitar. The main issue is that the output of the speaker could be extremely loud. The good thing is that the output speaker has an adjustable volume function. That, and it also has the ability to output sound via headphones. Therefore, I would be responsible for my own hearing loss!

I owned that guitar for a few years and played only occasionally. After all, I had other interests which took up much of my time. To this day, I can still play the intro to “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns N’ Roses, one of my former favorite bands. Will I own a guitar in the future? Only time will tell! But I’m always open to the possibility.