Hold a Guitar and Play

So, I have been getting tons of requests lately and one thing that I want to address is the commonly asked question: “How do you hold a guitar?”

Most musicians have their own style. You don’t necessarily have to follow them. You can hold your guitar whatever way you want, or whatever way you can, as long as you’re comfortable with it.

It can also depend on the type of guitar you use and how you play it. For instance, do you use an acoustic guitar or an electric one? Do you play it sitting down or standing up?

Some like playing the guitar standing up, others are more comfortable sitting down. I, personally, prefer sitting down, only because most of the songs I play are pretty relaxed and laid back. Click here for more detail about families of instruments.

Hold a Guitar and Play

Had I been a rock and roll guitarist, then I would definitely rock it standing.

Most acoustic players like myself don’t need to use a strap. What I like to do is rest the waist of the guitar on my right leg and then hold the neck from the bottom with my left hand. This makes it really easy to hold and play.

For those who are using the electric guitar however, they need to use a strap when playing standing up. This helps with the weight of the instrument.

When using a strap, it must be fastened securely and strapped to the back diagonally. This is to secure the guitar and make sure that it doesn’t fall off. You can always adjust it to your liking.

Going back to the question, how do you hold a guitar? Let me answer you this way, hold it in the most comfortable way you can. It doesn’t really matter if you play it standing up or sitting down. Musicians all have their own styles and signatures. Go find yours.

You don’t have to follow what others say. Just go out there and play.