Guitar Hero

People love guitars. However, it takes much time to learn how to play one. People also love video games. I find it easier to play video games than play a guitar. At least, at first.

With a new video game, I simply start playing. That’s it! The mission of the game is usually known to the player. The control is also usually very easy to handle. On the left side, there might be a joystick. On the right side, there are buttons. But using these simultaneously, the gamer directs the video game. It’s as easy as that.

What would happen if video game developers created a video game focused on music? Specifically, what if the game used the guitar as the only musical instrument? Well, they would make a game called Guitar Hero!

Guitar Hero

The makers of this game went a step further: they have the gamer use a guitar as the controller! Now, this isn’t a real guitar. It’s a plastic one, which either plugs into the gaming system or uses some type of wireless technology to connect to the gaming system. Also, the guitar does not have strings. Remember, this guitar is not “real” and can only be used with the video game.

The developers of Guitar Hero made it easy to play the guitar through a video game. The gamer cannot play any song. But, the gamer follows along to numerous popular songs. I enjoyed this game when I had it. It’s also a great party game. When many people are over, different players can take turns to see who will get the highest score.

Games like Guitar Hero aren’t going to be a thing of the past. Instead, just as music continues, games like Guitar Hero will continue to be popular. The game was released many years ago. Therefore, a quick online search shows the game is currently on sale!