Hall of Fame

Nothing is more American than baseball, apple pie, and rock music. There are many instruments in rock music. However, the most famous of them is the electric guitar. Sure, drums are amazing as well. But the electric guitar is almost specific to rock and roll. That’s why you would see a large number of guitars if you visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in Cleveland, Ohio.

For many decades, Rock and Roll defined American music. Bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, Aerosmith, and Led Zeppelin have had numerous number one hits on the national music charts. When I was younger, Guns N’ Roses was one of my favorite bands.

Now, I listen to the greatest hits from pretty much all rock bands. But rock isn’t all that I listen to. I listen to almost all kinds of music. Well, I’m not the biggest fan of country. It might seem surprising to some, especially when I say that I’m from the Midwest. However, I lived closer to a city than any rural town. I lived mostly in a suburb my whole life. Since almost no one listened to country as I grew up, I never listened to country music either. There are guitars in country music. But I like a guitar in rock music better!

I’ve been to Cleveland. However, I missed out on visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I considered visiting, but I didn’t have much time. However, I drove around the city. Much of Cleveland was nice. However, much of Cleveland is rundown. And there are many abandoned buildings there. Nevertheless, if I return to Cleveland, I’ll be sure to check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! I’d like to see all of the historical guitars that have been used from my favorite bands.

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